“Thanksgiving Disguised As A Feast…”: Everything On My Mind But The (Jive) Turkey

This holiday, I am thankful for our POTUS. Yes, I said it. I am thankful for our POTUS, because without him the citizens of this country would have been able to continue hiding just how much they despise Black people. I mean, this was never hidden from most, you know, ACTUAL Black people. But it seemed to be hidden from a lot of other folks in this country…and now The Kraken Has Been Unleashed.

This period of time under our current POTUS just really took us back to a time…well, a Time of Cotton really. A time when racists could openly and unabashedly admit that they think we are all Savages who Deserve To Die. See, I’ve been pondering the high levels of killing rage and trauma that I’ve witnessed amongst many folks whom I know, and I think it is because many are finally realizing that things have hardly changed since our parents and grandparents (and further back) were our age.

Like, the stories my dad used to tell me – just RAGE-inducing. The time he stood in line to order food at a restaurant, and when it was his turn…the cashier just ignored him and asked the white man behind him what he wanted. She ignored him until he finally just left the establishment – I mean, who was he going to turn to for recourse?? Her BOSS?? Hahahahahahaha. No, Chile. Not in those days.

And apparently…not in these days, either. For example, the other day when I was walking into my local gas station convenience store, a white man held the door open for a white woman who was directly in front of me, then when I stepped forward to walk through he looked me dead in the eye and released the door…right in my face.

Now, I tried to think of every conceivable reason as to why this man would have treated me this way. “Maybe he’s just an asshole,” I thought. See, this is something that Black folks do quite often – we second-guess experiences we have that seem racist to us. And the reason why we do this is because we know that if we share our experiences with some of our non-white friends, they will provide whomever wronged us with every excuse in the world BESIDES them just being racist and anti-Black. And I believe that so many folks do this because if they admit that someone else has engaged in some poor behavior due to racist bigotry, then they THEMSELVES might be guilty of some of the same behaviors…SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

You know who never had to second guess whether or not they were being treated poorly due to racism? Folks who grew up around the same time as my dad. They never had to second guess this phenomenon, because folks would tell them to their faces that they did not want to serve, work with, associate with, be near, or otherwise SEE Black people (unless those Black people were in some position of servitude). But today??

See, today things are just MUCH worse than they were when my father was growing up. Why? Because today folks engage in horribly racist/anti-Black acts, make entirely racist/anti-Black commentary…and then they will DENY that they are racist/anti-Black or that they are even ENGAGING IN racism/anti-Blackness. They will deny it…and so called Liberal Folks will HELP them deny it. And I am including folks of ALL races here – even Black folks. We ALL enable the PATHOLOGIES that are Racism and Anti-Blackness. And the primary way that we do this is by pretending that they don’t really exist.

Whilst reading through some comments under articles about Ferguson (something I try never to do, but I was too intrigued not to do it this time), many folks are spouting off about, “Stop Blaming Others For Your Problems!” I find this commentary HILARIOUS, given the fact that the United States of America has – since its inception – blamed every ill in the culture on “The Other.” Our so-called “Founding Fathers” annihilated the Native population here, “because they were escaping religious persecution.” They then enslaved Africans to build the infrastructure of this country, then blamed every act of violence on the very people whom they were daily subjecting to acts of violence. White men claim to be out of work because “Blacks & Mexicans are taking their jobs.” America has a drug problem? America blames Blacks & Latinos. Cops here like to get gun-happy and kill unarmed Black people? If Black people would stop committing crimes, cops wouldn’t have to kill anyone whom they identify as Black. Women are disrespected in music? Blame Black People’s Hip Hop…even though rock music and country music have been disparaging women since long before the existence of Hip Hop. Feeling like you are struggling financially? Blame all of those Blacks and Immigrants on Welfare…which takes up about .47% of our federal tax monies each year. Divorce rate is at 50%? Blame Gay Marriage.

Yeah…see…USAmericans are not The Ones to be taking ANY responsibility at all for their own poor decisions. In fact, it is actually The American Way NOT to do so. But apparently, only Black folks are viewed as shirking all social responsibility. This mythology was created centuries ago…and it is still so pervasive as to be embedded in the very fabric and woodwork of our culture.

Anyway, what I am ultimately positing here is that the Rage and Trauma that I have been experiencing amongst my Friends speaks very much to the fact that we are naming our Oppression, and it is being DENIED. This can make even the strongest, most stable person feel completely insane. My dad and folks with whom he grew up did not think they were crazy; and they did not think this because white folks at that time were very clear about the fact that they hated Black folks and they would do anything and everything to discriminate against us. No denial. No lengthy explanation as to why what they were doing was NOT racist. No, they were just OPEN and HONEST about it. And as a result, Black folks could name their Oppression and their Oppressors, and this could not be denied.

But today? Outright Denial. In fact, call a white person a racist today, and you will then be called a racist for suggesting that they are a racist. White people are crying “Reverse Racism” more today than at any other time I can remember. And worse, they are writing, saying, and doing OPENLY and OVERTLY racist things…yet DENYING that they are racist. It is MADDENING.

And I Am Worried About Our Collective Mental Health As A Community. Because These Things…They Take Their Toll. So Do Reach Out To Others This Holiday And Every Day Afterward. Let’s Keep Each Other Sane And Viable, Good People.

Just some things on my mind this November Holiday. I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I am hoping to get back to it. Because it is unhealthy to leave these thoughts rolling around in my head.

Happy Family Food Day, Y’all!



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